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merchant cash advance

Check-mark-1 Competitive Rates

Check-mark-1 Terms Up to 18 months

Check-mark-1 6 Months in Business

Check-mark-1 Flexible Payback

Minimal Documentation

MCA requires less documentation than traditional loans. Most MCAs only need 3 months of business bank statements to verify revenue.

No Fixed Monthly Payments

Unlike traditional loans with fixed monthly payments, MCA repayments adjust with your sales volume, reducing financial strain during slow periods.

No Business Credit

MCA funding is based on sales performance rather than credit history, making it accessible to businesses with poor or limited credit.

Fast Access to Money

MCAs provide quick funding, often within a few days, making them ideal for businesses that need money immediately.


Repayments are based on a percentage of daily sales, which means lower payments on slower days, aligning with your cash flow.


MCAs do not require business or personal assets as collateral, reducing the risk to the borrower.

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

A Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) is an alternative financing solution that provides businesses with upfront money in exchange for a percentage of their future credit/debit card sales or revenues. It’s a flexible way for a business to access funds without the stringent requirements associated with traditional bank loans.

How Does a Merchant Cash Advance Work?

With an MCA, there’s no fixed repayment schedule or interest rate. Instead, the business agrees to pay a specific percentage of their daily or weekly credit/debit card sales or revenues to the lender until the cash advance is fully repaid. This percentage, known as the Repayment Ratio or Hold-back Rate, is determined upfront and remains fixed, even if the business’s sales fluctuate.

A Practical Merchant Cash Advance Example

Let’s say a restaurant receives a $50,000 MCA with a 15% repayment rate. If the restaurant’s daily credit card sales are $2,000, they would automatically pay $300 (15% of $2,000) to the lender that day. On days with higher sales, the repayment amount increases, and on slower days, it decreases – making MCAs ideal for businesses with inconsistent or seasonal cash flows.

Merchant Cash Advance Terms

  • Up to 18 months
  • Soft Credit Checks will not affect credit
  • 3 Business Bank Statements
  • Min. $7,000 / Month Revenue
  • Maximum NSF 5
  • No Personal Guarantee on some options
  • Early pay-off discounts
  • Weekly and daily withdraw
  • 1st to 5th position
  • 6 months+ in business 
  • Hassle-free no obligation process

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Your Questions Answered

What is a merchant cash advance?

A merchant cash advance is a cash advance to the business based on the estimated future and past performance of the business.

How does a business cash advance (MCA) work?

A merchant cash advance or business cash advance is an advance on your future revenue.

It works like a loan, but it’s not a business loan. Basically, a business owner will give-up a small percentage of their future earnings in exchange for access to cash today.
Most business cash advance providers will require a predetermined percentage of your sales on a daily or weekly basis until the debt is fully paid. If you generate less revenue than expected, it’ll take longer to payoff the debt at no additional cost.

Are there usage restrictions on for a merchant cash advance?

No, there are no restrictions on you spend the proceeds. Our suggestion is to use it for growing and maintaining your business.

Are unsecured merchant cash advances available?

Yes. To qualify for an unsecured merchant cash advance you and your business must meet certain criteria’s such as revenue, time in business, and etc.

Merchant cash advance require credit checks?

Yes. We start the process for all merchant cash advance requests through providers that require a soft credit check which doesn’t affect your credit. If we can not get you approved with a soft credit check, your request will be escalated and submitted to the next level where a hard credit check is required.

Merchant cash advance for startups

Most our programs require a business to have been active for 6 months. If a startup business can document sufficient revenue in the first few months, we do have options available.


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Excellent Merchant Cash Advances


Flexible Repayment Tied to Your Sales

The primary advantage of an MCA is its flexible repayment structure. Since the repayment amount is directly linked to your sales, you only pay when you’re generating revenue. This can be a lifesaver for businesses with unpredictable cash flows, as it eliminates the stress of fixed monthly payments during lean periods.

Faster Access to Funds

Unlike traditional loans, which can take weeks or months to process, MCA providers can often approve and disburse funds within a few days, making them an appealing choice for businesses in need of quick money.

Minimal Approval Requirements

MCA providers focus more on your business’s sales performance than your personal credit score or collateral. This makes MCA funding accessible to any revenue-generating business, including small businesses that may not qualify for traditional financing due to poor credit.

Shorter Repayment Terms

While MCAs typically have higher overall costs than traditional loans, they also have shorter repayment terms, often ranging from 6 to 18 months. This means you can become debt-free quickly.

Top Merchant Cash Advance Providers

Some of the leading MCA providers include major fintech companies. These providers have streamlined the application and funding processes, making it easier for businesses to access capital quickly.

Industries That Commonly Use Merchant Cash Advances

MCAs are popular among various industries, including:

  • Restaurants and food service businesses
  • Retail stores and e-commerce businesses
  • Service providers (e.g., plumbers, electricians, landscapers)
  • Healthcare practices (e.g., dental offices, medical clinics)
  • Hospitality businesses (e.g., hotels, motels)
  • Construction companies and businesses
  • Trucking companies


Common Use Cases for Merchant Cash Advances

Businesses often turn to MCAs for miscellaneous expenses, such as:

  • Funding inventory or supplies
  • Covering payroll or operational expenses
  • Financing marketing and advertising campaigns
  • Expanding into new locations or markets
  • Funding renovations or equipment purchases
  • Bridging cash flow gaps during slow seasons

The Merchant Cash Advance Approval Process

The approval process for an MCA typically involves the provider analyzing the business’s credit/debit card sales or revenues over the past 6 to 12 months. However, for advances up to $100,000, most MCA providers will only require 3 months of bank statements. Based on this analysis, the provider determines the maximum advance amount and the Repayment Ratio. Businesses with higher sales or revenues generally receive higher approval amounts and lower Repayment Ratios.

Merchant Cash Advances for Online Businesses

MCA providers treat Online Businesses like any other business. All cash advances are approved and disbursed based on industry and revenue.

A predetermined percentage of sales are automatically withdrawn on a weekly or daily basis. If the business generates more revenue than estimated, the cash advance can be paid-off earlier than anticipated. An early payoff could result in a favorable term in form of a discount. However, if the business doesn’t perform as expected, it could take longer to pay-back the MCA. Even though merchant cash advance providers usually offer discounts for early payoffs, they don’t charge any extra fees or interest if sales are lower than expected and the pay-back period is extended.

Take a look at this example, a business earning $30,000 per month will receive up to 70% (this number fluctuates based on industry and it can be lower or higher) of the monthly revenues today and will pay it back through future sales. This how it looks in numbers: $30,000 x .70 = $21,000.
The pay-back period for a merchant cash advance is as short as 3 months to as long as 24 months.

Merchant Cash Advances for Mom-and-Pop Businesses

For mom-and-pop businesses, MCA providers analyze the company’s credit/debit card sales or revenues over the past 3 to 12 months depending on the cash advance amount. However, only requires 3 months of bank statements and a minimum of $10,000 in monthly revenue for advances up to $100,000. The approval amount and Repayment Ratio are determined based on this analysis, with businesses that have higher sales or revenues receiving higher approval amounts and lower Repayment Ratios.

When to Get a Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)

Merchant cash advances can be an excellent choice for small business owners facing cash-flow or cash-on-hand shortages. Here are a few scenarios when an MCA might be the right solution:

Unexpected Business Expenses

Unforeseen costs can arise, and having quick access to funds can help you manage these expenses without disrupting your operations.

Seasonal Business Needs

Seasonal businesses often experience fluctuations in cash flow. An MCA can provide the necessary capital during off-peak times to ensure smooth operations year-round.

Growth Opportunities

If a sudden opportunity to expand your business arises, an MCA can provide the fast funding needed to seize that moment.

Emergency Funding

During these times of need, MCAs offer emergency money for small businesses to most small and mid-size business owners with credit scores as low as 550.

Versatile Use

There are no usage restrictions with merchant cash advances, making them a versatile tool. Whether you’re dealing with slow-paying clients or inventory consuming your available cash, an MCA can help bridge the gap.

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Merchant cash advance or Business cash advance vs small business loans

Merchant cash advances (MCAs) offer a quick financing alternative to traditional small business loans for small and medium-sized businesses. MCAs are based on revenue rather than credit scores, making them more accessible. Providers typically require at least three months of business bank statements and may conduct a soft or hard credit check, depending on various factors like the advance amount, industry, and business structure.

Repayment of an MCA is made through automatic withdrawals from your business bank account, calculated as a percentage of your daily, weekly, or monthly revenue. Therefore, the repayment amount varies according to your sales performance.

In contrast, fast business loans require fixed monthly payments over a specified term. At, we understand the challenges of running a small business. That’s why we partner with a network of MCA providers offering competitive rates and excellent service to businesses of all credit types.


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