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Merchant Cash Advance Terms

  • Up to 18 months
  • Soft Credit Checks will not affect credit
  • 3 Business Bank Statements
  • Min. $7,000 / Month Revenue
  • Maximum NSF 5
  • No Personal Guarantee on some options
  • Early pay-off discounts
  • Weekly and daily withdraw
  • 1st to 5th position
  • 6 months+ in business 
  • Hassle-free no obligation process

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Your Questions Answered

What is a merchant cash advance?

A merchant cash advance is a cash advance to the business based on the estimated future and past performance of the business.

How does a business cash advance (MCA) work?

A merchant cash advance or business cash advance is an advance on your future revenue.

It works like a loan, but it’s not a business loan. Basically, a business owner will give-up a small percentage of their future earnings in exchange for access to cash today.
Most business cash advance providers will require a predetermined percentage of your sales on a daily or weekly basis until the debt is fully paid. If you generate less revenue than expected, it’ll take longer to payoff the debt at no additional cost.

Are there usage restrictions on for a merchant cash advance?

No, there are no restrictions on you spend the proceeds. Our suggestion is to use it for growing and maintaining your business.

Are unsecured merchant cash advances available?

Yes. To qualify for an unsecured merchant cash advance you and your business must meet certain criteria’s such as revenue, time in business, and etc.

Merchant cash advance require credit checks?

Yes. We start the process for all merchant cash advance requests through providers that require a soft credit check which doesn’t affect your credit. If we can not get you approved with a soft credit check, your request will be escalated and submitted to the next level where a hard credit check is required.

Merchant cash advance for startups

Most our programs require a business to have been active for 6 months. If a startup business can document sufficient revenue in the first few months, we do have options available.


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Excellent Merchant Cash Advances


What Is A Merchant Cash Advances

What is a merchant cash advance

A merchant cash advance is an advance on future revenue and credit card sales. You will receive a lump sum of cash today based on how much revenue your business can generate in the future. Since merchant cash advances are revenue-based, it makes them the ideal go-to alternative to small business loans for small and medium size business owners.
Just like any financing you may have gotten in the past, the rate for a merchant cash advance will fluctuate based on factors such as industry, revenue, and credit history.

How does a merchant cash advance (MCA) work?

A merchant cash advance is offered based on the past revenue of a business and the future ability to pay back any financing. MCA’s are different from small business loans because loans usually have fixed payments for a fixed period of time. Whereas, merchant cash advances or MCA’s don’t have a predetermined fixed monthly payment.
The advance is paid back through remittances withdrawn from the merchant’s bank account, or from credit card and debit card sales accounts on a daily or weekly basis as a percentage of sales.

How does paying back a merchant cash advance work

A predetermined percentage of sales are automatically withdrawn on a weekly or daily basis. If the business generates more revenue than estimated, the cash advance can be paid-off earlier than anticipated. An early payoff could result in a favorable term in form of a discount. However, if the business doesn’t perform as expected, it could take longer to pay-back the MCA. Even though merchant cash advance providers usually offer discounts for early payoffs, they don’t charge any extra fees or interest if sales are lower than expected and the pay-back period is extended.

Take a look at this example, a business earning $30,000 per month will receive up to 70% (this number fluctuates based on industry and it can be lower or higher) of the monthly revenues today and will pay it back through future sales. This how it looks in numbers: $30,000 x .70 = $21,000.
The pay-back period for a merchant cash advance is as short as 3 months to as long as 24 months.

Are there restrictions on merchant cash advance usage

As long as the funds are used lawfully to improve the business, there are no restrictions. Best usage of MCA’s is usually for operating, growing and advancing a business.

Merchant cash advance for startups and seasoned businesses

We work with merchant cash advance  providers and partners that cater to business owners with A+  to C and D credit ratings. If you’ve been in business for at least 6 months and have at least $7,000 per month in revenue, there is a good chance you will be approved for a merchant cash advance.

Merchant cash advance credit checks

Most merchant cash advance (MCA) providers only require a soft credit check for approving MCA requests.

A soft credit check is a type of credit check that shows credit ratings, outstanding balances, score, and etc. without actually pulling a full credit report. Depending on the MCA amount, structure, credit ratings and other factors that impact the decision-making process, some financing providers may require a full credit check.

When to get a merchant cash advance

When a small business owner is experiencing cash-flow or cash-on-hand shortages, merchant cash advances can be an excellent choice. Unexpected business expenses, running a seasonal business, or even a sudden opportunity to expand and grow a business are a few examples of why a small business owner may require fast access to emergency cash.
In these times of need, emergency money for small business is available through a merchant cash advance to most small and mid-size business owners with excellent to bad credit (550+ fico).
Merchant cash advances have no usage restrictions. Thus, they are a great tool if your clients are slow-paying invoices and or inventory is consuming all your cash on hand. Click here to get started

Merchant cash advance or Business cash advance vs small business loans

Merchant cash advance is an alternative to small business loans designed to provide small and medium businesses quick access to financing. Merchant cash advances are revenue driven and not as credit sensitive as traditional business loans.  To process a merchant cash advance, the provider will require at least 3 months of business bank statements and a soft or hard credit check depending on the dollar amount, industry, business structure, and etc.

A merchant cash advance is paid back through withdrawals from your business bank account as a percentage of your daily, weekly or sometimes monthly revenue. Thus, the withdrawn amount will differ from month to month based on your sales and revenue during any given month.

Fast business loans are structured differently than MCAs. With a business loan, the merchant is required to make fixed monthly payments for a fixed period of time. At, we understand being a small business owner is challenging. Thus, we work with a network of merchant cash advance providers and partners that cater to all credit types at competitive rates with excellent service.


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