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Working Capital Business Loans / Merchant Cash Advance

Minimum Requirements

  • Active 10+ Months in Business
  • $10,000 in Monthly Revenue
  • 3 Months Bank Statements

Small business owners can sometimes go through periods when their cash flow is low, and dealing with these inevitable downturns can be difficult. Thankfully, emergency money for these small businesses is available

GetMoney.com is pleased to offer working capital loans, merchant cash advance and other business related loans tailored for small to medium size businesses. We know owning a business is challenging and that circumstances can vary widely from month to month, sometimes even day to day. We also know maintaining good credit may have been challenging.

Small business loans and merchant cash advances can help your business stay afloat if you have a seasonal business and need to pay for business expenses while sales are slow. Fast, small business loans for businesses with bad or no business credit can be important if your customers are slow paying invoices or your inventory is consuming all your cash.

Getting an easy small business loan quickly can make all the difference when you need to pay bills on time. A merchant cash advance loan can give you access to cash when you need it.

At GetMoney.com we always try to make getting emergency money right away easy and simple even if your credit is less than perfect.

About GetMoney.com business loans

  • Flexible guidelines, we welcome all credit ratings. Our working capital loan qualifications make obtaining quick financing possible regardless of your current financial situation. The business loans offered by lenders and lending partners are revenue based. Thus, having a good to excellent credit score is not necessary.  Complete the short form today and we’ll connect you to a trusted lending partner regardless of your credit rating.
  • Bankruptcy is OK, certain programs accept borrowers with recent bankruptcies.
  • Fast fundings, loan requests can be approved and processed in as little as two working days. Traditional loans from traditional lenders can take up to a month or more to fund. We offer fast working capital loans for all credit types to help you get things turned around quickly.
  • 3 months of bank statements, generally sufficient for documenting income and revenue. Conventional lenders ask for tax returns, audited financials and everything else associated with a business.
  • Refinancing, an existing loan can be refinanced for additional cash based on supporting revenue.
  • UCC1 OK
  • Keep existing low rate loans, loans are offered in 1st position to 4th and 5th positions for approved borrowers. Basically, keep the current loan you have and the new loan will go behind the existing loan in the 2nd position and so on.

Business loans you can apply for?

  • Working capital
  • Expansion financing
  • Merchant cash advance
  • Purchase order financing
  • Equipment financing
  • And more

Loan parameters for business loans

  • Loan Amounts $15,000 – $5,000,000
  • Loan Terms Up to 10 years
  • No prepayment penalties

Free Loan Review Services

If you have offers for a new loan or an existing loan, be sure to schedule a free loan review with an experienced agent who can suggest more suitable options.

Schedule your loan review
A complimentary service

What are business loans?

Any loan based on business revenue and industry is a business loan. These loans are for small to medium size businesses looking for immediate access to funds with minimal paper work. Not all business loans are the same. The loans offered on Getmoney.com can fund in as little as two business days vs traditional loans that can take a month or more to process.

Restrictions for usage

As long as the funds are used in a lawful manner to improve the business there are no restrictions. Loans granted based on assumed business needs should only be used for business related expenses.

Who can qualify for a business loan

We work with lenders and investors that cater to A+ borrowers to C and D rated borrowers. If you’ve been in business for at least one year and have at least $10,000 per month in revenue, there is a good chance you could be approved for a business loan.

Credit Checks

The goal is to fund every loan with only a soft pull. A soft pull is a type of credit check that shows credit ratings, outstanding balances, score and etc. without actually pulling a credit report. Depending on credit ratings and other factors which contribute to the lender’s decision making process, applicants may require full credit check.

What is the best business loan?

The best business loan is the best loan you qualify for. Not all borrowers are the same and not all borrowers qualify for the same programs. When you complete a loan request on GetMoney.com, the request will be checked with multiple sources (lenders, private equity firms, etc.) to find you the right loan.

Understanding your business needs and expectations

One person will guide you through out the whole process. The loan specialists we connect you with work with business owners like you every day and realize what it takes to succeed in today’s business environment.

Should you get a business loan?

There are no easy answers to this question. It’s just like any other loan; you have to evaluate a few of factors prior to making a decision. The three factors that should be the basis for any financing decision are:
A. Why do you need a business loan, in determining why you need a business loan you must estimate the upside, the potential increase in revenue and an accurate estimate of costs.
B. The cost of the loan, make sure you understand the terms of the loan. The total cost has to be justifiable by your long-term objectives and potential growth or increased revenues. Complete a short business loan request form to see what you qualify for.
C. How much can you afford, the lenders may approve a loan amount based on limited information that exceeds your long-term affordability. We recommend evaluating your future expenses and revenues prior to accepting a loan offer.

Business loan vs. Line of credit

A business loan is a one-time loan offered in a lump sum for a specific period of time. A business line of credit is a revolving credit line. A business loan has a predetermined interest rate while a line of credit carries a variable interest rate based on market conditions.

Secure forms and peace of mind

We only work with trusted lenders and lending partners who meet our highest standards.


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