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What are business loans?

Any loan based on business revenue and industry type is a business loan. These loans are for small to midsize businesses looking for immediate access to cash with minimal paperwork.
A business loan can be secured or unsecured. The loans offered through require minimal paperwork and process in as little as 2 working days vs. traditional loans that can take a month or more to close.


About Business Loans

  • Loan Amounts $4,000 – $500,000
  • Loan Terms up to 3 years
  • Soft Credit Checks will not affect credit
  • No Prepayment Penalties
  • Bank Statements vs. Tax Returns
  • All Credits Welcomed 525+ fico
  • We respect your privacy we don’t sell your info

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Every lender has specific guidelines and sweet spots. To find you the best options, we review and check every loan request with multiple sources across the country to find you the best financial options available, this is at no cost to you. We don’t charge upfront fees and you are never obligated to accept a loan.

We invite you to explore our resources to find the best financial options available to you and your business.

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The Best Business Loans Online


Business Loans Working Capital

A loan that is used to finance a company’s daily operations. Working capital loans are not for buying major assets or making investments. They are ideal for covering a company’s short-term operational expenses, such as rent, payroll, and outstanding debt payments.

✔ Loan Amounts from $4,000 to $500,000
✔ In as little as 48 hours
✔ 3 minute request
✔ No up-front fees
✔ All credits welcomed

Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance looks like a loan and many people call it a cash advance business loan, but it is not a loan. A financing company will give a lump some of money today in exchange for a daily or weekly percentage of future sales.
They aren’t considered loans because there is no set payback period. If you generate more revenue than expected, the debt can be paid off early. If your sales go down, your pay back period will be extended.

✔ Loan Amounts from $2,500 to $200,000
✔ In as little as 48 hours
✔ 3 minute request
✔ No up-front fees
✔ 3 to 6 months bank statements
✔ All credits welcomed

Expansion Financing

Expansion financing loans are for expanding an existing business. Common practices include opening new locations, offering new products and services, major purchases required for growth, and all other activities aimed at growing the exiting business.

✔ Loan Amounts from $10,000 to $500,000
✔ In as little as 48 hours
✔ 3 minute request
✔ At least 1 year in business
✔ No up-front fees
✔ All credits welcomed

Invoice Financing

Invoice factoring is the perfect financing for you if clients owe you money, and you can’t wait 30 or 60 days to get paid. If you are tired of losing deals because you couldn’t buy supplies or need operational cash today, invoice factoring is an excellent option to consider.
The finance companies will give you money today and collect from your clients when the invoice due date comes. Outstanding invoices and the creditworthiness of your clients will determine the loan amount and charges.
There are no recurring payments if your client pays the invoice on or before the due date.
You can borrow up to 100% of your outstanding invoices minus a fee charged for giving you a money today.

✔ Loan Amounts from $5,000
✔ Quick processing
✔ 3 minute request
✔ No up-front fees
✔ All credits welcomed

Equipment Financing & Leasing

Equipment financing is for financing new or used equipment and machinery for your business. Up to 100% of the purchase price can be financed depending on the equipment type and condition.
These loans are great if your business is growing and you need new equipment to keep up and build on the hard work that’s paying off.

✔ Loan Amounts from $10,000
✔ Quick
✔ 3 minute request
✔ No up-front fees
✔ At least 1 year in business
✔ All credits welcomed

Business loans with bad credit

The minimum FICO score required for business loans with bad credit offered through is 525. To most lenders, a FICO score of 625 or less is unacceptable, which is unfortunate! All business owners regardless of credit rating, deserve access to the financing required for operating a healthy business. As long as you can document your ability to pay the loan back, we are willing to do everything we can for you.

✔ Loan Amounts from $2,500
✔ Quick
✔ 3 minute request
✔ No up-front fees
✔ 3 Bank statements
✔ All credits welcomed

How Do Business Loans Work

Online Business Loans

What is a business loan?

A business loan is a loan granted for business use only. The secured capital from a business loan is applied towards daily expenses, operational costs, expansion, and other business expenses a business is unable to pay for with the current revenue.

Online business loans give business owners quick access to capital. Unlike traditional business loans, online business loans are quick and relatively easy to qualify for.
Online business lenders and just like any other lender and usually expect regularly scheduled payments which include principal and interest for the life of the loan.

How are business loans structured?

Most business loans are structured the same, but serve different purposes. For example, working capital loans, term loans, expansion financing loans, PO Financing, invoice financing, and equipment leases are very similarly structured with set payments for a specific period, but they all serve a different purpose.
Some financing products are structured differently. An example is a merchant cash advance, which looks like a loan, but it’s not.

Usage Restrictions for Business Loans

As long as the funds are used lawfully to improve the business, there are no restrictions. Loans granted based on assumed business needs should only be used for business-related expenses.

Who can qualify for a business loan

We work with lenders and lending partners that cater to A+ borrowers to C and D borrowers. If you’ve been in business for at least 6 months and have at least $7,000 per month in revenue, there is a good chance you will be approved for a business loan.

Soft Credit Checks for Business Loans

The goal is to fund every loan with only a soft pull. A soft pull is a type of credit check that shows credit ratings, outstanding balances, score, etc. without actually pulling a credit report. Depending on credit ratings and other factors which contribute to the lender’s decision-making process, some applicants may require a full credit check. Let’s get started

What is the best business loan?

The best business loan is the best loan get approved for. Not all borrowers are the same, and not all borrowers qualify for the same loan programs. When you request a loan on, your request will be reviewed with multiple sources (lenders, private equity firms, etc.) to find you the loan with the best available rate and term.

Understanding your business needs and expectations

At, one person will be in charge of guiding you through the whole process. The loan specialists we connect you with work with business owners like you every day and know what it takes to please a client. Get connected to a lender

Should you get a business loan?

There are no easy answers to this question. Each situation has to be evaluated based on a few factors. The three factors listed below should be the basis for any financing decision:
A. Will a business loan help your business? In determining why you need a business loan you must estimate the upside and the benefits of the loan vs. the costs of the loan.
B. Are the costs of the loan justifiable? The total cost has to be weighed against growth and increased revenues. Complete a quick business loan request to see what you qualify for.
C. How much can you afford? The lenders may approve a loan which exceeds your long-term affordability. If that happens, speak to an accountant to determine the right loan amount you can afford.

Merchant Cash Advances

What is a merchant cash advance

A merchant cash advance is an advance on future revenue and credit card sales. You will receive a lump sum of cash today based on how much revenue your business can generate in the future. Since merchant cash advances are revenue-based, it makes them the ideal go-to alternative to small business loans for borrowers with bad credit.
Just like any loan or advance, the rate will fluctuate based on industry and credit history.

How does a merchant cash advance (MCA) work

A merchant cash advance is almost identical to a small business loan. The difference is that small business loans have fixed payments for a fixed period of time.
Merchant cash advances don’t have a predetermined fixed monthly payment. The advance is paid back through remittances withdrawn from the credit card and debit card sales accounts on a daily or weekly basis as a percentage of sales.

If the business generates more revenue than estimated, the advance can be paid back sooner than anticipated, which may result in a lender discount. However, if the business doesn’t perform as expected, it could take longer to pay-back the advance, and the lender will not charge any extra fees or interest.

Take a look at this example, a business earning $30,000 per month will receive up to 70% (this number fluctuates based on industry and it can be lower or higher) of the monthly revenues today and will pay it back through future sales. This how it looks in numbers: $30,000 x .70 = $21,000.
The pay-back period for a merchant cash advance is as short as 3 months to as long as 24 months.

Merchant Cash Advance Usage Restrictions

As long as the funds are used lawfully to improve the business, there are no restrictions. Loans granted based on assumed business needs should only be used for business-related expenses.

Who can qualify for a business Merchant Cash Advance

We work with lenders and lending partners that cater to A+ borrowers to C and D borrowers. If you’ve been in business for at least 6 months and have at least $7,000 per month in revenue, there is a good chance you will be approved for a business loan.

Credit Checks for MCA

The goal is to fund every loan with only a soft pull. A soft pull is a type of credit check that shows credit ratings, outstanding balances, score, etc. without actually pulling a credit report. Depending on credit ratings and other factors which contribute to the lender’s decision-making process, some applicants may require a full credit check. Let’s get started

Are merchant cash advances a good option

When a small business owner is experiencing cash-flow or cash-on-hand shortages, merchant cash advances can be an excellent choice. Unexpected business expenses, running a seasonal business, or even a sudden opportunity to expand and grow a business are a few examples of why a small business owner may require fast access to emergency cash.
In these times of need, emergency money for small business is available through a merchant cash advance to most small and mid-size business owners with excellent to bad credit (550+ fico).
Merchant cash advances and working capital loans have no usage restrictions. Thus, they are a great tool if your clients are slow-paying invoices and or inventory is consuming all your cash on hand. Click here to get started

Merchant cash advance (MCA) vs small business loans

Small business loans and merchant cash advances can help your business stay afloat when your business experiences a shortage in cash for any reason. Unfortunately, financial obligations and business expenses don’t go away when a business is short on cash. A small business owner must continue to meet all financial obligations to vendors, creditors, and employees at all times. Financial instruments such as merchant cash advances, small business loans, and or working capital loans are the solutions available for access to emergency cash for small to midsize businesses.
The best choice of the options mentioned above is the one that suits your business model and setup.

  • MCA advances are based on credit card sales and require 3 months of statements to document revenue. The advance amount approved will be a percentage of the estimated future revenue.
    Withdraws from your account will differ from month to month based on your sales on that given week or month.
  • Fast business loans are based on annual or semi-annual revenue and can be structured as a term loan for a fixed period with fixed payments. These loans normally require larger monthly payments.

At, we understand being a small business owner is challenging. Thus, we work with a large network of lenders and lending partners that provide services to all credit types. We welcome all borrowers. Let’s get started

Working Capital Business Loans

What is a working capital business loan

A working capital business loan is a loan a business takes to pay for short-term expenses and operational costs. These loans are not for investments or purchase of long-term assets. The most common uses of working capital loans are payroll, supplies, emergency expenses, and other operational costs.

How does a working capital business loan work

A working capital business loan is granted based on the health of the business. The lender will give the business owner money today and expect to be paid back with interest over a specified time.
The working capital business loans offered through are easy to qualify for and quick.

Usage Restrictions for a working capital business loan

There are no restrictions on the usage of funds as long as it’s for business purposes.

Who can qualify for a working capital business loan

Any business that has been in business for at least six months with a revenue of at least $7,000 per month can qualify for a working capital loan. The business owner must have a 525 FICO score or higher.

Credit Checks for working capital business loans

Soft credit checks don’t impact the borrower’s credit rating and are the preferred method. However, in certain circumstances, a hard credit is required.

Is working capital business loan the right choice?

If you are looking for a short-term loan to cover operational expenses or have a seasonal business that needs a cash injection from time to time, working capital business loans are something you can benefit from.

Business Expansion Loans

What is a business expansion loan

Your business is doing great, and you need to expand. A business expansion could be anything from buying new equipment, getting a new location, or just expanding and improving the existing operation to generate more revenue. Regardless of how you plan on expanding, you’ll need access to capital, and that financing is provided through an expansion business loan.
An expansion business loan is designed to help a business grow.

How does a business expansion loan work

The lender or finance company will give you a lump sum of cash and expect you to apply the funds towards expanding your business.
If you request a traditional business loan, the lender may hold you to the plan and expect you to meet specific requirements. With the expansion financing business loans offered through, you are in charge of the funds, and you have the final say in how and where the funds are spent.

Expansion financing Usage Restrictions

There are no restrictions associated with these loans, as long the funds are spent on the business.

Who can qualify for an business expansion loan

Any business that has been in business for at least one year with at least $15,000 in revenue can be eligible for a loan.

Credit Checks for business expansion loans

Depending on the loan amount and business structure, a soft credit check is sufficed more often than not. Some applicants will require a hard credit check.

Are business expansion loans a good option?

If your business is thriving and you are ready to take it to the next level, YES.

Purchase Order Loans

What is a purchase order financing

You have an order that you expect to get paid in the future, but you need money to fulfill the order! What can you do? The answer is purchase order financing.
A purchase order financing loan provides the cash you need to fulfill an order. With this type of business loan, the lender will give the money required to fill the order. Thus, you’ll be able to take and fulfill orders you otherwise would not have been able to do.

How does purchase order financing work

Purchase order financing is relatively straightforward. When you receive an order, you submit a loan request along with your purchase order to the lender. The lender will then pay the supplier on your behalf, and the supplier will complete the order.
Once the order is completed, the product is delivered to your customer along with an invoice. The client then pays the invoice directly to the business loan lender, and the lender will pay you the proceeds after deducting the loan amount plus fees.

Usage Restrictions for purchase order financing

These loans are specifically for completing orders. The money is sent directly to the supplier, and you don’t have any control over it.

Who can qualify for purchase order financing loan

Any business with a legitimate purchase order from another company. The problem is that most lenders will only consider working with larger orders.

Credit Checks for purchase order financing loans

Purchase order financing loans are not credit-driven. They are based on the order you’ve received and the company placing the order.
For example, if you have an order from a multinational company, the loan is basically secure. However, if you have an order from a small company, it could be a little riskier.

Are purchase order financing loans a good option?

If you have an order you need to fulfill, and you don’t have the money to do it, yes.
The downside of purchase order financing is that the suppliers may think you are having monetary issues. Thus, we recommend that you communicate with your supplier in advance. Purchase order financing loans can be costly, as much as 1.8% to 6% per month.

Invoice Financing Loans

What is an invoice financing

You’ve sold a product and you expect to get paid in the future, but you need money now. With invoice financing you can get money today vs. the invoice due date. The lender will give you a lump sum of money today for a fee. This a great way to help the cash flow required to pay for daily operational expenses.

How does invoice financing work

You give your outstanding invoices to a lender, and the lender will provide you with 85% or more of the invoice value in cash today. The remaining 15% is held as collateral for fees and interest charges.
Some lenders offer up to 100%, but it’s uncommon and structured differently.
Let’s say you have $50,000 in outstanding invoices and you expect to get paid in 20 days. However, you need $30,000 today. This is what you do; request a loan and forward your invoices to the financing company. That’s it. Be sure to have a few months of bank statements, a voided check, and a copy of your driver’s license ready to submit with your invoices. These loans are simple and fund quickly.

Usage Restrictions for invoice financing

There are no restrictions for funds received through invoice financing. It’s your money, and you spend it as you please.

Who can qualify for invoice financing

Any business that has outstanding invoices from their customers can be eligible for invoice financing. Lenders are concerned with the invoices getting paid; so as long as you have reputable customers, you should be approved quickly.

Credit Checks for invoice financing

Lenders will do a soft credit check for most borrowers; some may require a hard pull. Lenders don’t put much weight on credit scores because invoice financing is basically like a secure loan. Lenders are more concerned with your customer’s finances and ability to pay their invoices than your credit.

Is invoice financing a good option?

If you need access to capital today and your invoices aren’t due, then yes. With invoice financing, you’ll have access to capital today. With the proper capital and cash flow at your disposal, your business will not miss a beat.

Equipment financing and leasing?

What is equipment financing

Equipment financing is a loan for purchasing equipment for your business. This type of financing might be used to purchase a truck, office furniture, a restaurant oven, or anything else you might need for the business.

What is equipment leasing

Equipment leasing is similar to an equipment loan. You use it to buy new equipment for your business, but you don’t own it. The lender purchases the equipment and then leases it back to you for a monthly payment.
A lease has a set period. For example, it could be a five-year lease, three-year lease, or whatever term you and the lender agree on. At the end of this term, you have two choices, either return the product or buy it out.
The buyout price is predetermined in the lease agreement. A $1 lease buyout is not uncommon.

How does equipment financing work?

Equipment financing works just like any loan you’ve ever taken to buy a house or a car. Accept in this case; it is only for purchasing equipment, furniture, or whatever else your business needs. You pay a portion of the purchase price and the lender will pay the rest. The lender is fronting the money and charge you interest over a set period. At the end of the loan period, you own whatever you bought free and clear.

How does equipment leasing work?

Equipment is similar to equipment financing, except you only finance a portion of the purchase price. Let’s say you are buying a restaurant oven and it costs $20,000. This is how a lease can be structured;
1. The lender will determine a residual value. Residual value is the amount the oven will be worth after the lease period. For our example, a $20,000 oven with a residual value of 50% will be worth $10,000 at the end of the lease period. A lease period can be any number of years.
2. The interest rate is called the factor rate on a lease. The lender will calculate a payment based on the 50% depreciation at a factor rate, giving you the fixed monthly payments for the specified period.
3. You’ll still have to pay a sales tax, but it’s broken up into payment for the amount you’ve financed.
4. At the end of the lease, you’ll have a buyout option. You can buy the equipment for the 50% ($10,000) residual value or let the lender take it. If the equipment has a higher market value than what you owe, you can buy it and sell it in the open market.

Usage Restrictions for equipment financing and leasing

Equipment financing and leasing are only for purchasing equipment and trait tools for your business.

Who can qualify for equipment financing and leasing

Any business that has been in business for at least one year may be eligible for equipment financing and or leasing based on company revenue.
Credit Checks for equipment financing and leasing
Both financing and leasing will require a credit check. Depending on the dollar amount and the structure of the deal, lenders can do a hard or soft credit check on business owners.

Are equipment financing or leasing a good option?

Yes, it gives you the ability to grow your business, buy new equipment, set up a new location, and much more at an affordable monthly payment.

  • Flexible guidelines, we welcome all credit ratings. Our working capital loan qualifications make obtaining quick financing possible regardless of your current financial situation. The business loans offered by lenders and lending partners are revenue based. Thus, having a good to excellent credit score is not necessary.  Complete the short form today and we’ll connect you to a trusted lending partner regardless of your credit rating.
  • Bankruptcy is OK, certain programs accept borrowers with recent bankruptcies.
  • Fast fundings, loan requests can be approved and processed in as little as two working days. Traditional loans from traditional lenders can take up to a month or more to fund. We offer fast working capital loans for all credit types to help you get things turned around quickly.
  • 3 months of bank statements, generally sufficient for documenting income and revenue. Conventional lenders ask for tax returns, audited financials and everything else associated with a business.
  • Refinancing, an existing loan can be refinanced for additional cash based on supporting revenue.
  • UCC1 OK
  • Keep existing low rate loans, loans are offered in 1st position to 4th and 5th positions for approved borrowers. Basically, keep the current loan you have and the new loan will go behind the existing loan in the 2nd position and so on.

Business loans vs. Lines of credit

A business loan is a one-time loan offered in a lump sum for a specific time at a specific interest rate. A business line of credit is a revolving credit line which can be accessed at any time and carries a variable interest rate based on market conditions.

Secure forms and peace of mind

We value your privacy and only work with trusted lenders and lending partners who meet our highest standards.


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