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What is invoice financing

Invoice financing gives small businesses the working capital they need to pay employees, improve cash flow, make purchases, and reinvest in the business with the money they expect to collect from their clients in the future.

How does invoice financing work

You give your outstanding invoices to a lender, and the lender will provide you with 85% or more of the invoice value in cash today. The remaining 15% is held as collateral for fees and interest charges.
Some lenders offer up to 100%, but it’s uncommon and structured differently.
Let’s say you have $50,000 in outstanding invoices and you expect to get paid in 20 days. However, you need $30,000 today. This is what you do; request a loan and forward your invoices to the financing company. That’s it. Be sure to have a few months of bank statements, a voided check, and a copy of your driver’s license ready to submit with your invoices. These loans are simple and fund quickly.

Usage Restrictions for invoice financing

There are no restrictions for funds received through invoice financing. It’s your money, and you spend it as you please.

How to get invoice financing

Any business that has outstanding invoices or receivables from its customers can be eligible for invoice financing. Lenders are concerned with the invoices getting paid; so as long as you have reputable customers, you should be approved quickly.

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Credit Checks for invoice financing

Invoice financing is usually not credit sensitive. The loans are granted based on your invoices and your clients credibility. If a lender requires a credit check, they’ll usually pull a soft credit check which won’t affect your credit.

Is invoice financing a good option?

You’ve sold a product or service and you are expecting to get paid in the future, but you need money today. What do you do? One of your best options is Invoice Financing.
If you need access to your future receivables today, invoice financing will give you access to that money in as little as two business days. Grow and manage your business with access to the right financing.


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