Once your loan is approved, be sure to discuss the details of the loan and the  repayment terms with the lender. At Getmoney.com we always encourage you to discuss your finances with a licensed professional.

With a Rewards credit card you can earn cash back, travel miles and other perks for every dollar you spend. You pay for everything you get anyways; why not use a credit card that will give something back? By using one of the reward cards offered by our partners, you can earn points for every purchase.




The rewards are offered in points and each credit card company has a different formula for how a card holder can redeem their points.  Knowing how you prefer to collect your rewards is an important factor for selecting the card. One of the most common preferences is travel perks. But, it’s a personal decision with no right or wrong answer.  So, we advise you to look at the options below and apply for the credit card that suits your needs.

What will it take to pay off my credit card?
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Why not get something back for every dollar you spend?