How to Avoid Suspicious Lenders When Applying for Loans Online

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As the internet continues to grow and dominate our way of life, so do the odds that you get involved with a personal loan scam. There are countless scammers out there who are hoping to capitalize on unsuspecting individuals looking to apply for a loan online. While easily identifying scams can be easier said than done, there are some warning signs that are usually indicative of a phony lender. Learn how to spot suspicious lenders before you get involved in a scam that could end up causing serious damage to you and your credit rating.

Credit Check Is a Must

Often, scammers will advertise that their loan application process doesn’t involve a credit check, hoping to appeal to individuals who have low credit scores. You ought to know that a legitimate lender will always do a credit check before taking approving a loan or taking any further steps beyond the application. Your credit score indicates how responsible of a consumer you are, and will let the lender know if you can be trusted to repay the loan in a timely manner. Don’t fall for advertisements that claim credit checks aren’t required, as it’s most likely a scam.

Sift Out the Spam

If lenders are reaching out to you via phone unsolicited, you shouldn’t pay them much attention. Spammers can send out millions of calls to people all over the world, just waiting for someone to take their bait. Who you work with throughout the loan application process should be up to you, so never respond to calls or emails from so-called lenders unless you recognize the name and know they can be trusted.

Be Wary of Up-Front Fees

A major indicator of whether a lender is legitimate or not, has to do with asking for up-front fees. Almost all legitimate lenders will not ask for any up-front fees, unless you’re applying for a commercial loan or have 3rd party fees that must be paid such as an appraisal on a mortgage loan. Scammers will prey on those who fail to catch on to their scheme and continue to ask for fees without providing any sort of service. If you’re asked to pay a fee up-front for your personal loan, your best bet is to take your business elsewhere. Remember these tips when searching for the best online personal loan.

How to Get a Business Loan in Just a Few Steps

How to Get a Business Loan in a Few Steps

Access to sufficient business financing is an essential part of starting and maintaining a successful business.

How do we determine what is sufficient and what is not? Unfortunately, there is no simple formula for calculating the exact amount of money a business will require.
The only proven strategy is to estimate known expenses. For example, the number of employees required and expected salaries, rent, insurance, and everything else, including hardware that you know is necessary for the day to day operations.

As a rule of thumb, I add 10% to this figure for the unknown and unforeseen expenses that may catch you by surprise. Once you’ve come up with a number, you either have the cash or need to get the cash somehow. If you have it, great; but what if you don’t?
Fortunately, there are financing programs for start-ups that you can apply for. Do your research and be prepared to go through the stringent small business loan approval process if you decide to proceed with an SBA loan.

If you’ve been in business for more than six months and need access to funds very quickly, alternative business loans are a great option. Business loans offered through can fund in as little as two working days and only require three months bank statements for approval.

Here are 4 easy steps you should take before accepting a loan

1. Think about why you need a business loan

Lenders will undoubtedly put this question before you. Do you need start-up capital, have business expenses that require immediate attention, or do you need the security cushion for the unexpected?
Is your business brand new, or have you been in business for a while? If you’ve been in business for a year and you need a sense of security, a business line of credit like the ones offered by could be a great choice.

If you’ve been in business for more than six months and need immediate access to money for business expenses, business loans and working capital loans are a great choice.
Easy to qualify for business loans offered through are quick and straightforward. It only takes a few minutes to complete the form, and the business loan can fund in as little as two working days.
Perfect credit is not required, and some borrowers may qualify with a fico score of 520. The only documents needed are three months of bank statements and a copy of your drivers’ license. Get started with a business loan

2. Decide on the type of a loan you need

The financing you apply for has to be in line with your purpose for seeking a business loan. For example, if you need the money for a one-time nonrecurring expense, a business loan is what you must consider.
If you intend to use the cash at some point in the future and plan on paying it back quickly, go for a business line of credit.

If you are starting a new business, you look into an SBA program. Make sure you have a professional business plan and all your documents ready to go before applying for an SBA loan.
If the SBA loan doesn’t work out, consider using a low-interest credit card to get you through the early stages of your business.

3. Look for a lender whose criteria’s you meet

A small business loan can be obtained from various places such as banks, private lenders, and online lenders.

Once you decide which lender you are most comfortable with, go ahead and take a look at their qualification criteria’s and apply with the one that suits you the best.
Banks are generally a good option if you have excellent credit, collateral, and time for a lengthy approval process.

If you don’t have perfect credit, current tax fillings, and all the other stuff traditional lenders are looking for, try an online lender.
They have more flexible guidelines at competitive rates. For example, you can request a loan up to $500,000 in just minutes on Their lending partners and lending network accepts borrowers with low fico scores, bankruptcies, NSF charges, and require minimal paperwork. Business loans are offered to businesses in 750+ industries.

4. Get organized and apply

Once you know what you want and what you qualify for, get all your documents organized and get started. Good Luck!

The Basics of a Personal Loan

The basics of Personal Loan

Just as the name suggests, a personal loan is an unsecured loan offered based on personal credit history. The proceeds of a personal loan can be used to cover daily expenses, pay for a child’s schooling, purchasing a car, taking a vacation, and other personal expenses.
Even though alternatives to online personal loans may be available, an unsecured personal loan is often favored due to its simplicity. The other overlooked benefit of a fast online personal loan is the minimal time required to get approved. Personal loans online can fund in as little as 1 working day.

Qualifying for fast personal loans online

There are no set rules and guidelines for unsecured personal loans. Since online personal loans are usually offered by private lenders, the approval requirements fluctuate based on each lender’s specific requirements and risk tolerance.
Some online personal loan providers have an underwriting engine that focuses on income and demographics, while another lender emphasizes credit score ratings.  Thus, in our opinion, it’s best to request an online personal loan through a trusted website like that works with a large network of lenders and lending partners.

The proceeds of online personal loans

The proceeds of an online personal loan are usually delivered right to the borrower’s bank account electronically.
A borrower may be able to request a check through more traditional personal loan lenders, but high tech online personal loans have to be electronically deposited.
Personal loans range from $100 to $35,000, and the interest rates are typically between 5.99% and 35%. The interest rate of an online personal loan is determined by income, credit history, bankruptcies, employment, etc.

What can I do with an online personal loan?

Once you have the cash in hand, you can do as you please. The lenders don’t set restrictions on usage.
However, it’s unwise to obtain a personal loan for unnecessary expenses. Online personal loans are a tool for covering expenses that cannot wait. Some common uses for online personal loans are:

  • Medical expenses
  • Auto repair
  • Emergency Cash
  • Rent

Before applying for a personal loan online

  • Run the numbers. Make sure you need a loan
  • Review your liabilities and make sure you can afford additional obligations.
  • Have a disciplined mind set as use the loan proceeds accordingly.


An online personal loan is a tool for quick access to cash.  The interest rates on unsecured personal loans tend to be higher, but if you don’t have a choice and need access to immediate cash, a fast personal loan is something to consider.
Before making the ultimate decision, request a fast personal loan online and make your decision based on actual numbers.

Pros and Cons of a Payday Loan

Ups and Downs of Payday Loans

“I’m short of money and still have two days till payday!”
Sounds familiar, right? We all go through rough patches dealing with everyday expenses in a hectic life.
A payday loan may be an enormous help during financial hardships. So instead of pulling out your hair, consider applying for a payday loan with a fast and easy form that only takes a few minutes to complete at

Payday loans (also called a payday advance, salary loan, or a cash advance) is a small short term loan based on your next expected paycheck. Despite the name, a payday loan may be granted regardless of whether repayment is linked to the borrower’s paycheck or not.
Usually, a payday loan is expected to be paid off within a few days, but it could be for up to 30 days. Payday loans are generally favored because they provide access to quick cash without the usual hurdles of a traditional personal loan.

To qualify for a payday loan, the borrower must present his or her payroll and sometimes employment records. With the increasing access to the internet, companies like are getting more and more focused on their online services. The focus is on enabling borrowers to request a loan in just a few minutes on their mobile phones and desktop PCs.

What are the advantages of a payday loan?


One of the significant advantages of a payday loan is how quick the process is. There is no background check, usually no credit history review and virtually no paperwork. Just complete the online form, and you may be approved in as quick as a few minutes.


After submitting the request, you could have your cash within one working day. No need to stand in long lines and wait a week for the approval process.


The single most valuable advantage of a payday loan is that a payday loan may be approved regardless of your financial history.


Contrary to the commonly sought after secured loans, a payday loan won’t put your property in danger if you fail to pay it back in time. Lenders generally ask for a post-dated check to secure their investment.


A payday loan may seem like the perfect remedy for your financial wounds, but it’s just like every other loan, and it has a few disadvantages that you must weigh before making a decision.

– Higher interest rates

Due to the nature of payday loans plus being unsecured and granted regardless of credit history, the lenders will charge a higher interest rate to justify the risks

– May affect credit

If you fail to pay your debt, the lender may sell your payday debt to a third-party debt collector and report you to a collection agency. The negative report will hurt your credit.

– Not a long-term solution

A payday loan is only a short term solution for emergency situations. Please don’t make irrational financial decisions that will land you in a worse position than your current state.

Secured & Unsecured Personal Loans


What is a secured personal loan

A secured personal loan is a loan that is guaranteed by an asset. The asset is usually collateral whose value determines the loan amount and the terms of the loan (interest rate, fees, amortization period, etc.).
The more common types of secured loans are home loans, home equity lines of credit, and auto loans.
A secured personal loan lender could use anything from personal belongings such as your gold watch to more significant assets such as your house as collateral.
Secured loan lenders are exposed to a much lower default risk than lenders offering unsecured personal loans. If the borrower defaults and or falls behind on a secured loan, the lender will foreclose or repossess the collateral.

What happens if you default on on unsecured loan?

If a borrower of an unsecured loan fails to make payments, the lender will have to take a hit. This explains the higher interest rates and lower loan amounts with unsecured personal loans.

An unsecured personal loan can come in many forms, and it doesn’t have to be in cash in your bank account as offered by the personal loan lenders on For example, even your credit card is an unsecured loan.

Different forms of unsecured loans

Unsecured credit cards are offered based on your income, credit history, and employment history. If you don’t or can’t repay your credit card debt, their options are limited. They can report you to the credit agencies and make it more difficult for you to obtain financing in the future. But they don’t knock on your door asking for the sofa or the shoes you purchased.

Another form of an unsecured personal loan is a debt consolidation loan. A lender will review your credit, payment history, and debt to see if a new loan will put you the borrower in a better financial position. If yes, they will offer a debt consolidation loan. The theory behind this is that if a borrower’s overall monthly payments are lowered, the borrower will continue to make good on their obligations.

The major advantages of a debt consolidation loan to the borrower are lower payments and freed-up credit. The freed-up credit and higher available revolving credit generally tends to improve your credit score too.

Small Business Financing

Small Business Financing

Running a small business has many difficulties. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of successfully operating and managing a small business is the financing part of it.
Occasionally, you will find your business in a bind and short on cash, or presented with opportunities to expand and grow the business.
Taking advantage of business opportunities and meeting financial obligations requires access to fast cash for the business. The million-dollar question is how do you get access to fast business loans?
You have a couple of options. A. approach friends and family for a loan (I don’t recommend this). B. look for a partner. C. start looking for investors or do it the easy way, request a fast business loan online. Let’s get started

How to get a fast business loan online?

How you go about getting a fast business loan online is critical. Working with a trusted and reputable business loan lender like the ones works with will significantly improve your chances of qualifying for the best business loans online.
Most traditional lenders have very strict lending guidelines. At, all lenders and lending partners meet the professional standards required by
The lender’s in the network offer very competitive rates with flexible guidelines. Business owner’s with bad credit can qualify for business financing.


Before applying for a business loan, you have to review your credit, business credit, and tax filings to see how strong of a borrower you are.
If you have excellent credit (both personal and business) and show substantial income on your tax returns, you can apply for a business loan through traditional lenders like banks and credit unions.
However, if you have blemishes on your credit, or don’t show much of a profit on your tax returns, you have to consider other options such as online business loan lenders.
Online business loans can be more expensive, but they are fast and convenient.
Fast business loans online, can fund in as little as 2 working days and are not credit sensitive. Request a business loan with only a few clicks at
Forms are quick and simple to complete. One loan request will be reviewed by multiple lenders in our network for the best rate and program available. All Credit checks start with a soft pull which won’t affect credit ratings.
Required documents for fast business loan approvals on are 3 bank statements and a copy of your driver’s license.


All traditional lenders require certain documents. The commonly requested documents are bank statements, tax returns, business license, rental agreements, and other documents required to determine your creditworthiness.
I recommend having all these documents organized and ready to go before applying for a loan with a traditional lender. If you request a loan through, only 3 bank statements and copy of driver’s license will be required for loans under $150,000.
To help with the process, an agent will call you immediately to review your request and explain the documents.


If you are asked for business plans and projections of estimated future growth, be sure to deliver everything professionally. Ultimately, you have to be sure the underwriter clearly understands what you are trying to do.

Start your business loan request, 3-minute form No Obligations

What Should I Consider Before Applying for a Personal Loan?

View of executive leaning back in chair with laptop in background

A personal loan can be a great tool for consolidating multiple small debts into one loan, cash for starting or expanding a business, and for overcoming difficult financial situations. Before requesting a personal loan, you have to consider the following:

1. Do you really need a personal loan?

Think about the reasons you’re requesting a personal loan. If you are getting a new loan to pay off smaller loans, or for an emergency, it could be considered a good idea. But, if you are getting a loan to satisfy a spontaneous urge to buy a new toy, you’d better think twice.
Personal loans are generally good for emergencies, home improvement, auto repair, unexpected bills and sometimes vacations. Before requesting a loan, be sure you can afford the payments to avoid making a bad situation worse.
Once you are ready to request a loan, visit the personal loans page and get started.

2. Do I have all  the necessary documents?

Online personal loans and unsecured personal loans and payday loans are not document-intensive. We suggest you request a loan on and if the lenders need something, they’ll ask for it.

3. Where should I request the best personal loans online?

Many institutions such as banks, online personal loan lenders, credit unions, etc. offer personal loans.
Banks and traditional lenders offer the best interest rates, but they are time-consuming and document-intensive. Which makes traditional personal loan providers a difficult choice.
Online personal loans are the easiest and least time-consuming option available. We recommend working with an established website that has been around for many years.

Basics of Getting a Business Loan

Basics of Getting a Business Loan


Running a small business has many difficulties. Perhaps the most challenging aspect of successfully operating and managing a small business is the financing aspects it.
Occasionally, you may find your business in a bind and short on cash. Or you may be presented with opportunities that could help expand and grow your market share; all of which require business capital to take advantage of.

The million-dollar question is how do you get a fast business loan online? You can approach friends and family for a loan (I don’t recommend this). Put your business out there and look for an investor/partner who can bring cash to the table; or do it the easy way, apply for a business loan or a business line of credit online.

Basics of Getting a Business Loan

How you go about getting a business loan is critical. I suggest you think out of the box and take advantage of the modern tools available to borrowers. Working with business loan providers like the ones works with, will significantly improve your chances of qualifying and getting approved.
Most traditional lenders have very strict lending guidelines, but the lenders and lending partners accept all credit types and offer competitive rates with flexible guidelines.


Before applying for a loan, you have to review your credit, business credit and tax filings to see how strong of a borrower you are. If you have excellent credit (both personal and business) and show a substantial income on your tax returns, you can apply for a loan the traditional way by going to your local bank. However, if you have any blemishes on your credit or don’t show much of a net profit on your tax returns, you have to consider other options.
The other options are not necessarily worse or more expensive, they are just a new way of doing things. For example, you can request a loan up to $500,000 with a couple of clicks on They have a much quicker process, more flexible guidelines, and will require much fewer documents. If approved you will receive competitive offers for business lines of credit and business loans.


All lenders will require certain documents such as bank statements, tax returns, business licenses, rental agreements and other documents required to determine your creditworthiness as a borrower.
I recommend having all these documents organized and ready to submit before applying for a loan. If you request a loan through, an agent will call you to review your request and the required documents. Having 3 months of bank statements, a copy of your driver’s license will expedite the process.



If you work with a traditional lender and are asked for business plans, projections, and estimates of future growth, be sure to deliver everything in a professional manner. Visual presentations with charts and graphs are great. Remember you have to make sure the underwriter clearly understands what you are trying to do and why it’s a good business decision. The clearer the better.

How to Get the Low Interest Personal Loan You’re Looking For

How to Get the Low Interest Personal Loan You’re Looking For

Most personal loans are unsecured loans. What this means for the lender is that the loan is not guaranteed by any type of collateral, but rather by the borrower’s credit score and promise to repay. For the borrower, this usually equates to a higher interest rate.

Is there a way to get low interest personal loans? Let’s look at some tips for getting the best rates on the best loans for your needs.


Your credit score is one of the most important elements in knowing what your best personal loan options are. Those with a “good” credit score of 690-719 or an ”excellent” score of 720 and above will have the best chance of receiving an unsecured loan. What’s more, these people will typically receive the best interest rates because creditors tend to view these borrowers as a more credit worthy borrower.

For those with a lower credit score, finding a lender to work with you can certainly be done. However, your interest rates are likely to increase due to the lower credit score. If you can wait a while before taking out your personal loan, consider doing what you can to boost your credit. This will pay off in your current and all future borrowing situations.


We shop multiple stores looking for the best prices on our groceries, our home goods and more. Why wouldn’t you shop around for the best rates on personal loans? Check out what several local and national lenders have to offer you before committing to a lender. If you are applying online, apply on a website you can trust and recognize. Make sure the site is secured https:// vs http://

There are several major, national companies who offer personal unsecured loans. If you’re looking for a large chunk of money with no restrictions on usage, this is your best bet. is an easy to access, user-friendly website that offers applicants without perfect credit the chance to get connected with creditors who can work within their limitations and provide personal loans based on a variety of factors. Credit score does matter, but it’s not the only way things are decided. Request a loan with us today to see what you qualify for. The money is out there; we’ll help you get your hands on it!

Get the Money You Need Fast

The basics of Personal Loan

Whether you’re planning a big purchase or experiencing a financial emergency, it’s important to get the money you need as fast as possible. Using professional services to help you find brokers, financial service providers and lenders should be the first step toward securing a loan.


  • Personal Loans
  • A Quick Unsecured Loan
  • Payday Loans
  • Installment Loans
  • Business Loans
  • Lines of Credit
  • Equipment Financing
  • Fixed Rate Mortgages
  • Adjustable Rate Mortgages


  • Easy Application Process
  • Bad Credit may be approved
  • Nearly Instant Approval
  • A Personal Loan Can Be Used for Any Purpose
  • Loan Amounts up to $25,000 and more


  • Find & Choose The Loan That Is Right for You
  • Complete a Secure Online Form
  • Deliver Your Form With 1 Click
  • Approved Borrowers Will Receive Cash In As Little As 1 Working Day